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Billionaire/Millionaire avoid paying taxes - NPR Bloomberg. Please help me find the article about how the rich avoid paying taxes - it was on WNYC AM - I think it was on Friday the 8th and I think Fresh Air. I have searched all I could but to no avail. The interviewer was talking to a writer for the Bloomberg magazine. Any pointers. (I have searched) Thanks!
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This? A bit older, but Fresh Air, Bloomberg writer, tax havens.
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Here's the article by Brett Arends on How you can pull a GE on taxes .
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are you thinking about corporations or individuals? Over the last month there was a spate of reporting on how cops like GE had massive profits but pay little to no taxes.
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Was it Brian Lehrer by chance? Joseph Liglitz was discussing how the top 1% controls 40% of wealth. He wrote an article in Vanity Fair.
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This is not a radio program, but the current BusinessWeek fits the bill.
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Yeah, it's the cover of this month's Business Week: How to Pay No Taxes: Eleven shelters, dodges, and rolls—all perfectly legal—used by America's wealthiest people.
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Thanks everyone! It was the BusinessWeek article, but on the radio.
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FYI: I can't cite it, but I heard somewhere (news type of thing, not an internet forward...) that any of those "oops, I have to default on the loan, guess you are going to have to take my collateral and I'm going to have to keep the money" games are no longer allowed.

Similarly, the deferred compensation things aren't exactly "money without taxes". You may have the money, but you can't use it.
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I think this is what you had in mind.
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