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Where can I/should I stay overnight in Middlebury VT?

I'm going to a performance at Middlebury College this Wednesday 4/13 and I need to stay overnight. It's a 4 hour drive back to my house so I'd rather not be on the road late at night.

Not sure what lodging is like in the area so any recommendations? Hotels, inns etc...

Thank you.
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Best answer: The Middlebury Inn is very nice, and about a 10-15 minute walk from Middlebury College campus.

The Waybury Inn is also very nice, but a little bit further out of town. It gets bonus points, though, for being the inn from the opening credits of the Bob Newhart Show.

Not sure about much else, as I have family in Middlebury and usually stay with them. Good luck!
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A friend has stayed at the Blue Spruce Motel (no web site), which is about 10 minutes drive outside of Middlebury. It's very basic, but adequate.

If you want something more brand-name, there's a Courtyard Marriott, but you'll pay Marriott prices.
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If you'd prefer a B&B, the Inn on the Green was nice when I stayed there eleven years ago, and it continues to get good reviews online.

Unless the Blue Spruce has improved a lot since 2000, I wouldn't stay there.
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I don't know what your tastes run to. Middlebury has a lot of decent if pricey B&Bs and there are cheaper options further south and east. If I am doing things like this, I'd try to find some weird interesting place on AirBnB like perhaps this one. It's worth considering as an option depending on whether you're looking for convenient, low cost, interesting or some combination of those options.
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Response by poster: jessamyn, I've never been up there but I'm open to interesting places. I'll be going up Wednesday afternoon, check in to wherever I end up staying, go to the performance and then back to inn/BnB. My only concern is that since I've never been there I don't want to take too big of a chance with staying further away from the college than I need to.

I think the Marriott would have to be my last resort. I like the Waybury Inn so far. The others are looking like they might booked on that night.
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