Breakfast restaurants near Earl's Court, London
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What's a good breakfast place near Earl's Court in London? My boss will be there next week for the London Book Fair and could use a place with good breakfast to meet with various people in the mornings before the fair.
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The Troubadour on Brompton Road is good, but is your boss staying in a hotel? That's where most breakfast meetings happen. Places around the Book Fair are likely to be jam-packed with attendees.
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Best answer: The Troubadour is the classic EC cafe, though it might be overwhelmed during the LBF; Benjy's is a straighforward, no-frills greasy spoon; Balans West has a slightly more diverse menu.
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Response by poster: His hotel (where he's been staying for decades for the LBF) is not near the Fair, so not suited to breakfast meetings.
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