Best place for a traditional breakfast in London/Kensington
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Best place for a traditional breakfast in London/Kensington

This weekend I will go to London together with my 9 year old son. We have settled on the sightseeing topics fairly easy as they are themed around mummies, dinos and museums with weapons.

Another feature of the City of London he's looking forward to, is this thing called the British Breakfast. No matter how big that breakfast will be, he won't need a doggy bag. (I will gladly settle for an espresso or three and a cigarette or two). Our hotel is near High Street Kensington subway station and I would like to treat him to the best traditional English Breakfast that is available in that area. Any ideas from locals?
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Cooked breakfasts tend to be a godalmighty ripoff in hotels and restaurants, although saying that the "best" is often said to be at Simpsons in the Strand (£18!!!)

You'll get something decent at a local greasy spoon, that will be just as authentic - perhaps more so (although you won't be able to get espresso - more likely a mug of very strong tea).

Not very traditional at all, but the breakfast / brunch menu at Giraffe is very nice indeed, and the place is extremely kiddie friendly. Sounds like that isn't an issue for your 9 year old, but worth putting in the locker.

Wherever you go, you'll have to be outside if you wish to smoke by the way. Might want to make that part of your venue considerations.
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Sounds like you need egg, bacon, chips and beans or a nice cup of tea and a sit down.
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There are a number of cutesy little pubs in the area - the Elephant and Castle just north of High Street Ken is quite nice, but crowded at lunchtime with workers from the Town Hall. The Goat - right on High Street Ken, used to be good too. Both of these served decent food when I lived in the neighbourhood - but that was a little under 10 years ago. I still hear good things about the Elephant, though.
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If you can go a bit further than Kensington to Victoria (four stops anticlockwise on the Circle line), I heartily recommend the Regency Cafe on Regency St. It's a proper old-style greasy spoon cafe that serves tremendous full English breakfasts.
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I do believe the London Review of Breakfasts may be able to help. Particularly their reviews by area.
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Timeout had a breakfast issue not that long ago.
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Thanks all for the wonderful answers. I'm going to plot my breakfast safari tonight. I've noted your recommendations and will print out the review sites you mentioned. I will give the best answer when I'm back.
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