Help me find a website where I can map what towns/cities/countries I have received orders for on my webstore.
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Help me find a website where I can map out what towns/cities/countries I have received orders from on my webstore.

I have a webstore that gets around 600+ orders a year and I'd like to map out where i've received orders from so I can see what cities buy the most etc. I tried to use google maps before but it got very confusing and it was difficult to see repeat orders. Ideally somewhere where I could just paste in the postcode/zip code and it would put a mark next to it would be good, however that seems a bit specific. Thanks!
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You can do exactly what you're asking for here:
Ignore all the extra fields and just put a column of zipcodes (international postal codes work, too).

It does use the google maps API, though -- I'm not sure how you were hoping to display repeat purchases from the same zipcode.
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Seconding, which also allows you to generate a kml file you can view in google earth (in addition to google maps).

You might also be interested in GeoCommons, they allow more sophisticated analysis of the data (as well as a geocoding facility), and have a free option.

Finally, more specific GIS questions can be asked on the stackexchange site; it's a great community of which I am an active member of.
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3rd batchgeo. If you're able to use a spreadsheet, then it will be dirt simple for you. If you want to see repeat orders, I would do this: create a list of orders in Excel, then create a pivot table showing the total number of orders by postcode. So you'd have (totally making up postcodes here because I'm from the US):

Postcode | NumberOrders
XYZ 123 | 20
ABC 456 | 15

When you plug your data into batchgeo, click on "validate and set options" and then choose "NumberOrders" in the "group by/thematic value" dropdown. This will make your postcode markers different colors according to how many orders you have from each one.
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Response by poster: Fantastic, i'll get right on this, thank you very much!
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