Missing Kerouac Poster
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I purchased a Kerouac poster in college, recently sent it to a framing place and they spilled chemicals on it and ruined it. It looks like this. I've been looking everywhere for a replacement. Does anyone know where I can find one?
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There is one for sale here, but I'm getting an error trying to load the specific poster page. I just waded through pages and pages of awesome Kerouac photos though, so there may be theres out there. Maybe call them?
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There's a better image of the picture here.
Is that a signature at the bottom of your link or just his name?
I don't know but maybe you can either photoshop the pic (but is 38kb going to limit what you can do??) to include a border and name and take it or send it to a print shop or otherwise they'd probably do it all themselves.

And on preview...well there you go. Eventually. Kudos to your googlefu fionab
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Here is a gelatin silver print for $1800. It gives the photographer's name as Elliott Erwitt. The poster place I listed above seems to be out of business - I couldn't find a phone number or contact info, and the copyright date is 2003.
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Yeah, keep trying the first poster place, or the gallery with the print - they might have posters in their shop. Or, contact the photographer to see if he knows where you could get one. I kept looking for a poster of Kerouac at all of the poster shops, and didn't see one, but they're out there somewhere. Get them to pay for the silver gelatin print and you'll come out way ahead!
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This reference to the photographer, Elliot Erwitt, also shows the image of interest, and a provides a link to his website (same link as above), so presumably the image is there.
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The bottom of the image had a printed replica of Kerouac's signature. And though I still have the poster, there was NO like UPC or ISBN or reference of any kind. I have been searching the internet(s) for months (maybe years!) and today was the first time I was able to even find *an* image, much less everything you all were able to find. I swear, ask.metafilter is the best thing in the world ever. Seriously!

though I highly doubt I can get this framing place to buy the $1,800 gelatin silver print (they did offer to replace mine with one if I could find it) I need to keep trying and see if I can't find a buyable one.

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I know how annoying these things are, so good luck with all of the leads above!
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Crap, here's one for sale, on a real/functioning website, but it's no longer available. Contact them for sure.
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damn you are hot !
I nearly want to see what you actually did for your finds fionab.
Alas, googlefu is magic based and must not be overly questioned. I'm still waiting for the google fairy to visit.
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Speaking of hot, Kerouac isn't bad himself. Never saw his photo, far as I know. Some people I respect have spoken well of him. I see "On the Road" was publised the year I was born. Guess I'll have to do some reading.
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The official Jack Kerouac site says it has partnered with Legends Archive to handle all images of Jack. Additionally, Legends Archive offers a custom poster creation service.
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