Who owns our Google Analytics account?
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Is there any way to find out which email address 'owns' our google analytics stats?

Our Analytics account was owned by someuser@example.com right up until we got GMail to host example.com's email for us.

When we did that, Analytics had a strop about someuser@example.com being an invalid user (because it had suddenly become a gmail account) and said the Analytics account needed a new email address that wasn't an example.com address.

Up until this point, all is good.

The problem is that some impatient colleague decided to associate the Analytics account with a new email address and then forgot what email address they had used.

Other than patience and/or torture, is there any way to find out what email address the existing Analytics are associated with?
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Did you try this:

posted by sergent at 1:56 AM on April 4, 2011

That looks promising, but the "Your Google Account email address" field doesn't fill me with optimism.

I'll give her another five minutes of trying to remeber her email address before I give it a try. Cheers sergent.
posted by twine42 at 2:09 AM on April 4, 2011

Check the impatient colleague's Sent folder. I doubt they have a zillion email addresses.
posted by rhizome at 11:22 AM on April 4, 2011

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