Affordable mailing list service?
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Can you recommend an affordable mailing list service or alternative?

I moved my website over to an ISP that (for obvious reasons) throttles outgoing email. They want me to use their own mailing list tool, but I'd have to hassle all the 17,000+ subscribers to re-subscribe. (Just for the record: I'm not a spammer -- but I'm sure all spammers would say that.)

I'd be happy to use and pay for something like MailChimp, but $150-$250 per mailing is tough to swallow. What are my other options? Other hosts? Amazon SES? Other mailing services?

(Also: the list is announce-only.)
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I'll hock my project -> Dada Mail

Throttles by default to 450 messages/hour. If you have cPanel on your hosting account, see if you have Simple Scripts, they should have a one-click install of Dada Mail, that may be good to get your feet wet, but the version they have available is somewhat old and they install it kind of strange. You can also install it yourself.

It's, uh, free. I can install it for you, or for any mefis - put in, "MEFI" in the coupon code on the install request page, let me know what your mefi username is, and I'll give you $25 off and I'll know what's up, for the next week or so.
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I used AWeber for years and it served me well, and their pricing for that amount of subscribers is probably much more suitable for you - $130/mo. That's assuming you send more than one e-mail a month though - otherwise i guess it's about the same as MailChimp!
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Lyris ListManager hosted by Lyris.

Incredible package. Easy to use. Great support. Very fair pricing (you have to call to find out).

When I was dong IT work, I recommended Lyris 10+ times and never had a complaint about the service.
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If they want you to use their tool, they should provide you with a service to migrate your users over to their system. I would ask them about that first.
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