Need women's travel pants with pockets
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Tell me about your favorite travel pants for women.

My requirements are simple:
- most important: has at least two pockets, preferably - security pockets with zippers
- comes in black
- not convertible (don't turn into shorts)
- comfy, a little stretch
- doesn't wrinkle too much
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Tilley. Fabulous guarantee and first class quality. Every new girlfriend gets a pair of these as a gift at the first opportunity. These fit your description perfectly.
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Where are you going? Is it tropical/hot weather? Are you going to be in cities, and therefor want it to have a bit of style?

(Also, i should note: as someone who's travelled very extensively as a backpacker in both the developing and developed worlds, i gotta say: you probably don't want or need pants designed specifically for travel. But tell us where you're going and maybe i can provide actually constructive suggestions. :)
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I've had great luck with travel pants at REI -- look under "hiking/travel pants." I've gotten a pair of Prana and a pair of Royal Robbins. I love them. They are nylon with some spandex, so they dry extremely quickly and are comfy. They all have security pockets in them. I wear them every time I go traveling, even if it's walking around Paris (get a black pair and they look fine).
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone. I mostly do urban travel, so a nice pair of black pants that can be dressed up or down work best for me. I just got back from Spain, where I'd brought along a pair of Chico's Travelers pants but didn't use them much (too dressy), a pair of Chico's Perfect Ponte pants, which got a lot of use, and a pair of Eddie Bauer Bremerton pants, which I wore most of the time. None of these pants have pockets, and I really felt the lack, so I started scouting the web for pants for my next trip (Brussels, in the fall). I tend to travel in the spring or fall, so mid-weight pants are fine, and I don't wear shorts. I'll check out all of the above suggestions. If you have any more ideas, please send them along.
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My favorite travel pants are icebreaker's rio pant. I have them in the Superfine200 weight wool (altrec has them in that weight); in the spring catalog (the link above) they are in the summer weight terry wool; this online source has them in the Superfine 190 weight wool.

They have two hip pockets and a zip pocket inside one hip pocket. They are unstructured (no fly, but they have a waist) with an exterior seam on the outside of the leg. The seam makes them a bit more casual than the Chico pants you've linked, but not much more. I wear them to work. They don't wrinkle; they wash easily.
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Response by poster: I'm going to our local REI this weekend to try on some of their pants. I also like the Tilley pants and will order a pair if the REI ones don't work out. Thanks, everyone.
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Response by poster: Sorry to leave this hanging open so long, but I wanted to add my notes in case anyone else comes along here to look for travel pants suggestions. I did try the REI pants, but they were too "nylony" and not really suitable for walking around in a European city. However, I recently bought these Ultimate Active Travel Pants from Magellan's. They have two zip pockets on the sides, one zip pocket on the knee, and a small zip pocket in the waistband. They have a little bit of stretch and are comfortable and look nice for wearing to work, so I'm counting on them to work well on my trip. I'll probably get a second pair in khaki for spring/summer travel.
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