What software extracts sounds by humming them?
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What's the software or academic paper that isolates sounds by humming them? I remember seeing a demonstration video of this where the narrator removed a phone ringing by imitating its trill. He also removed the guitar from the AC/DC song Back In Black. I think the title was "Isolating Sounds Via Frequency Matching" but my google-fu has failed.
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It sounds to me like you are talking about sound wave cancellation.
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Some more terms: antiphase, interference, and phase cancellation. These techniques are also used in active noise reduction. Chances are that someone a lot smarter than me will come along with a really good explanation -- in the meantime I hope this helps.
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Best answer: Is this the paper?

Smaragdis, P.; Mysore, G.J.; , "Separation by “humming”: User-guided sound extraction from monophonic mixtures," Applications of Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics, 2009. WASPAA '09. IEEE Workshop on , vol., no., pp.69-72, 18-21 Oct. 2009
doi: 10.1109/ASPAA.2009.5346542
Abstract: In this paper we present a novel approach for isolating and removing sounds from dense monophonic mixtures. The approach is user-based, and requires the presentation of a guide sound that mimics the desired target the user wishes to extract. The guide sound can be simply produced from a user by vocalizing or otherwise replicating the target sound marked for separation. Using that guide as a prior in a statistical sound mixtures model, we propose a methodology that allows us to efficiently extract complex structured sounds from dense mixtures.
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Response by poster: I'm almost certain that's the paper, needled. Now if only I could find the AC/DC demo video...
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Best answer: Here it is [mp4], at 1:05

From the author's site.
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Response by poster: Great work, thank you both!
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This is amazing technology.
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