Cupcake Throwdown
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Calling for your best cupcake recipes!

My county is having a cupcake throwdown as part of our quarterly meeting and I want to win! So, if you could please give me your best cupcake recipes I sure would appreciate it.

It will be for about 30-40 people and there are at least three other entries, so cupcakes that are just as good as minis would be great.
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I made these a few days ago and they were easy and pretty tasty - Mini Chocolate Cupcakes with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting.

These are awesome but much effort - Black Bottom Cupcakes.
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This is my favorite recipe for mini-cupcakes - Strawberry Shortcakes. Everytime I make them, they are a gigantic hit.
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Have you perused the Cupcake Blog?
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Best answer: I saw this right before I got off the bus and I ran (RAN!) to my office just so I could post that these Devil's Food cupcakes are absolutely the best cupcakes I've ever made.

They are by go-to for "I want to impress someone" baked goods. Make them with the cream cheese frosting listed. I make it will all coffee and choose to omit the rum/brandy. I have had people that are not fans of baked good devour these. Top them witha strawberry half or a whole raspberry and you have a total winner.
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I often use the Magnolia Bakery cupcake recipe and people seem to love it. (It doesn't really taste like Magnolia's cupcake to me, though -- not as sweet. But I actually prefer it over Magnolia's.)
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I made these strawberry cupcakes not too long ago and they were fantastic. They are a little heavy, more like muffins, but quite tasty. I substituted their icing recipe for one on the back of the powdered sugar bag.
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Fixedgear's muffin recipe is honestly the best I've ever tried. Get it here.
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Static Vagabond, will you repost that link? I can't get it to work and I MUST KNOW!

My coworker made a cardamom cupcake with citrus-cream cheese frosting that was really good. She got the recipe online but now that I look there are a dozen of them and I don't know which is was.

I did, however, run across this orange-flower water and cardamom one that will be my next venture.
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Can you get away with a frosted muffin? I LOVE Morning Glory Muffins and I think they would be great with Cream Cheese Frosting.

Just call them Morning Glory Cupcakes. Color the frosting and decorate like sunflowers, daisies, or marigolds or give them a sunny face.
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Don't have a recipe, but hands down the best cupcakes I've ever had were double deckers. Lemon cupcakes with little key lime pies baked inside. Use a mini-muffin pan to bake the little miniature key lime pies using your favorite recipe, slightly under-baking the pies (as they will be baked again shortly.)

Then, using a regular muffin pan, place a little of the lemon cupcake batter in the bottom of each muffin, set a mini pie on top, and then cover with more batter, and bake. The result is a lemon cupcake with a little key lime pie suspended inside, and the taste is incredible.

Sorry I don't have an all-in-one recipe. :( Yes it's an awful lot of work, but I promise that people will be talking about your wonderful cupcakes for a long time.
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I too don't have recipes on hand, but flavor combos I've had that have blown me away include: lavender lemon, chocolate-ginger with goat cheese icing and candied ginger garnish, wasabi lime, Thai basil coconut, curry cardamom, green tea citrus (I bet smoke tea might be interesting but I'm kind of weird), salted caramel or maybe dulce de leche. Bleeding Heart Bakery came out with a cupcake cookbook and every cupcake I've ever had there has been a-mazing and original flavor-wise, but I haven't seen the myself so I can't vouch directly (it's called Who You Callin' Cupcake?).

These are super simple but really, REALLY good in a straightforward but still a little special/unique way. They won't necessarily win any food porn contests, but hey, to me anyway it's the flavor and feel that matter.
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Response by poster: I tested 2 cupcakes - a samoa cupcake that was really good and the devils food. By far, the devils food was the favorite.
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Well this is almost a year late, but the correct link is here.
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