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I have Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK. Am I permitted to register with the UK electoral roll if I am not yet a British citizen?

Am I required? Would I instead be prevented from registering due to not holding a British passport? I've done quite a bit of searching for this answer, but perhaps not in the right direction. From what I gather, I'm not permitted to vote in UK elections if I only hold ILR. However, being registered with the electoral roll seems to be directly tied to credit eligibility. Am I meant to register just for registrations sake and yet not vote?

Thanks in advance to any MeFites that can help with this conundrum.
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Best answer: Am I meant to register just for registrations sake and yet not vote?

No. (Also: here.) It's complicated in the UK because of the legislative legacy that allows most resident Commonwealth and Irish citizens (even without ILR) to vote in all elections, and resident EU citizens to vote in local elections. But ILR for someone with just a US passport isn't enough.

This sucks for credit applications that heavily weight being listed on the roll, as you already know; the simplest way to get past it, if you feel inclined, is to wait out the year of ILR and apply for UK citizenship.
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Best answer: No, you can't register your name on the electoral roll. Only those eligible to vote can register, and as you are not a British, Commonwealth or EU citizen, you aren't eligible to vote.

On preview, what holgate said.
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Response by poster: Many thanks to both Holgate and Greycap for such prompt and concise answers. :)
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