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Western Australia filter: Does anyone know any shops in the Perth metro area that sell breakfast cereals from the UK or US?
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When I lived in Perth, about six years ago, I used to buy strange, imported food from a place in Highgate. I can't now remember what it was called - something pompous like 'The International Food Emporium'. It was across the road from an amazing German smallgoods shop called Elmar's (which, according to the internet, is at 493 Beaufort Street).

It was quite a big shop, and had sections for different nationalities: French, Indonesian, Dutch, UK, US etc. I used to buy alien packaged food there and give it away as gifts, or hold peculiar dinner parties. There were a lot of breakfast cereals, as I recall; the instant grits were especially freaky.

So, I hope this helps! It was a long time ago, though, so it may not be there any more. Good luck!
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Treats from Home imports UK sweets and brands for the expat market for their shop in Sydney. They might send dry stuff to Perth.
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No, but if you get really stuck, USA Foods in Melbourne definitely will ship to WA.
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I think I found the International food thing, it's a tiny shop in London Court.

I have, however, ordered a box of Count Chocular from USA Foods.
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