Whither jeggings with real button and faux fly?
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ISO of jeggings (yes, jeans + leggings) that look like real jeans with all the pockets and the stitching, have a real button, but not a real fly. Anybody seen anything like that?

I got a pair at Target around Christmas, but they appear to be gone now. At the time, they seemed to everywhere, but have similarly vanished. Did some googling but failed. This is a really comfortable and flattering look for me. I'm California, but willing to order. Definitely prefer to keep things cheap.
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Could you just sew a button on a pair of Pajama Jeans? (Disclaimer: I have never purchased or even seen Pajama Jeans in person.) Or do you want the button to be functional?
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Response by poster: ehh Pajama Jeans scare me a little... although I might as well embrace the full-on Liz Lemmon.

What I'm looking for is pretty structured and denim-y, has a functional button, and just the right amount of stretch to not need a fly.

They were seriously in every store in January. Why do they play these games with meee?
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Madewell has legging jeans (on sale as well), though no button on the regular price ones, the sale ones have a zip fly.. American Apparel (though they're a horrible company) maybe?
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I too like jeggings oh god with structure, and my absolute favorites are from Levi's. I own several pairs of the 5 pocket legging, but it looks like they have a fly-free pair.
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I bought exactly what you are describing at Target about three weeks ago. There was an entire rack of them on clearance . . . I paid $4.98 for the pair. I thought they were ridiculous, but I bought them because they were so cheap. Turns out, I LOVE them.
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I have a pair of jeggings that are Tyte brand. They have a fly, but it's completely superfluous (stretchy enough that you can get them off without them) and only, like, an inch long. Otherwise they're very structured and jeany and might fit the bill.
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K-Mart had them last week (northern California).
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Is there another Target in your area? I also just saw tons of them for like, $4.00 in both Targets near me. Maybe see if they have them online.

Also, I saw some at Burlington Coat Factory.
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They have them at The Bay up here in Vancouver. $30
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I have those BUT with a real fly, from TopShop
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I got mine from American Eagle - no button, though there were pockets and a good approximation of demin.
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Avenue had some nice ones on sale last week, I grabbed myself a pair as they are great to wear tucked into boots. Felt just and looked just like denim with fake fly, button & pockets until I put them on then super comfortable. Though I just realized they only do larger sizes so maybe not what you are looking for.
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Dillard's carries a brand called Westbound Woman (I think it's a store brand? not sure) that has pants like this. Some of them look like regular bootcut jeans, some look like tan or black work pants, and some look like skinny jeans. But they are all secretly flyless and stretchy and without real front pockets--I have several pairs. They're my wardrobe secret, and so comfortable!
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Perhaps Yoga Jeans by Second Denim? I think they fit the bill exactly (though not sure about the real fly vs no fly bit having only seen them on others).
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By the way, my lunchmate was wearing Yoga jeans yesterday, and they look phenomenal. She also did some high kicks to illustrate their stretchiness.
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Response by poster: Great! I will investigate leads and swing by multiple Targets asap. Glad to know I am not alone in my fandom...
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Try Urban Outfitters... They carry a big selection in a ton of colors.
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What size are you? I just decided I'm going to get rid of the size 16 ones I got at Target because the legs are too long. I'm happy to toss them in the mail if you want them.
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