Looking for maps/GPS of Sarajevo
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Looking for digital mapping and/or GPS software that covers Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Heading to Sarajevo in a few days for work and never before realized my staggering dependency on Google Maps. I can't locate the building I'm working at, nor the hotel I will be staying. I have no idea if my morning commute will be 2mins or 2hrs and the lack of knowledge is killing me.

So I am looking for any type of online map that is searchable. i.e. I can type in an address and it shows it to me. All I have found are static maps that are impossible to read through.

Also I rely pretty heavily on my GPS in my phone when I am in a foreign city. So if anybody is aware of a GPS software that covers Sarajevo, I would love to hear about it. So far all I can find is 'major roads' of Sarajevo, which translates to only highways and no city detail. Android platform and even Windows Mobile 6.1 would be welcome.

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Best answer: You might try Mappy (http://en.mappy.com/) or OpenStreetMap(http://www.openstreetmap.org/).
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Best answer: Mytrails for Android gives you access to some 40 different maps; all the popular (google, MS, yahoo, openxx) and quite a few region specific maps. I do not know if Sarajevo is coverend in any of those maps.

Map packages can be downloaded in a multi-step process from a desktop computer or through the app for offline use, or downloaded ad-hoc if your data plan allows it.

This is not navigation software, it gives no directions but there is an (online) search option.
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Response by poster: Great, thank you both! I now have a solution for both my pc and phone. Thanks!
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