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Anyone using a Weed Eater We-One riding mower?

Our trusty 20-year-old Craftman riding mower is on life support and we are facing the possibility of replacing the old workhorse. It was the perfect small, affordable riding mower for our lawn. Unfortunately, in the intervening years, the mower industry apparently decided that homeowners needed these enormous tractors or semi-commercial zero-turn behemoths to cut grass with, and has left the frugal consumer with scant choices. I'm not about to drop $1,700 (or double!) for a lawn mower.

Last year, I started seeing this cool little sort-of affordable mower in a few stores. It's exactly what I need for my lawn. This year, they have a second model with a 30" cut, which is what my old Craftman has. But, I've not seen anyone actually using this Weed Eater mower. And, of course, the local places that don't sell it imply that it's unreliable...while pointing me to their $1,700 monsters.

Soooo...MeFi's...Anyone out there using this cute little Weed Eater to cut the grass? If so, I'd love to hear your impressions, good and bad. Hope me makez teh informzed decision!
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Not personally using it, but there's some discussion about it here.
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Snapper RE Rider is a quality and smaller rider. Price is about $1100 I think.
I had a snapper for years and it was a very good mower.

I don't know about the Weed Eater... but Weed Eater is a good brand, I think.
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Best answer: We have the Weed Eater One! My husband and I ended up in a house with a very big lawn when we moved here a little over a year ago. We didn't have a lawn in our old town at all, and we are only planning to be here a few years, so we really didn't want to spend a lot of money on a mower, and the WE-ONE seemed like a good bet. Plus it has its own website (which I'm sure you've seen). We got ours from Sears and I believe we paid around $650 for it -- be sure you shop around, get a price match, etc. We also had the experience of having no local stores carry it or know anything about it.

My husband is in charge of lawnmowing, and I showed him your question. Here's what he has to say:


*Perfectly good mower for a medium sized yard.
*Works great. Not quite as solid as an old craftsman mower, but it does what it's supposed to do (cut grass)
*Obviously way less expensive than other mowers in its class.

The only nitpicky things I would mention about it are:

*No throttle control
*You cannot get off of it without the engine cutting off (safety device). Sometimes I want to jump off to move a fallen branch out of the way, but even if the blade is disengaged, it still cuts the engine off if you lift your butt from the seat.
*And lastly, I don't know if this is standard with other mowers or not, but you can't put it in reverse while the blade is engaged. I find that irritating.

...but those things are small. 95% of the time, I think it's great.

Feel free to comment/memail me if you have any more questions!
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Response by poster: FWIW, Here's the website for the 30" WeedEater mower I'm looking at. It's looks to be more than just the We-One with a bigger blade, including the ability to mow in reverse (yay!).
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