Blunnies, please.
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Where can I shop for Blundstones in the Washington, D.C. area?

I'll be travelling home in a few months for a visit. Looking foward to seeing my family yadda yadda but what's most important, obviously, is that I pick up a new pair or two of the best shoes ever made. I've ordered Blundstones online before but since I'll only be back for about a week it would make sense for me to actually go to a brick and mortar store to find the ones I want. I want to avoid international shipping fees to my home in Korea as well.

I'll be staying in the Silver Spring area, but anywhere with a good selection of men's Blundstones, US size 12, in DC or Nova is also fine.
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You'd have to call the make sure they have a good range of sizes, but Amano in Takoma Park sells men's Blundstone's. They don't seem to list them on their website, but I'm 90% sure I've seen them there (hidden behind the horribly ugly flowy linen hippy clothes).
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According to the dealer locator, both Amano in Silver Spring (mentioned above) and Casual Adventure in Arlington (Metro-accessible) carry Blundstones.
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