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I love ModCloth and Boden and am looking for stores similar to those.

I am looking to find stores that have eclectic/different kind of shoes and clothing. Love ModCloth and Boden and looking for more suggestions on stores that are similar to those two. End goal is to find shoes that are quirky, different (but not too far out) that express an artistic, not in the box, style. So shoes that don't scream-boring and can help me express an artistic person in a corporate environment :). (from Flats to Pumps to boots etc.)
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For shoes, Fluevogs are pricey, but I have a pair of lilac and aqua Fluevogs I bought at the beginning of the summer and I have never gotten so many compliments on my shoes.
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Anthropologie is my go-to for eclectic/quirky style. Pricey though.
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Oh, Chie Mihara also makes really lovely shoes. But she is even more expensive than Anthro. Think $150-$200 for Anthro shoes, $250-$350 for Chie Mihara.
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American Duchess shoes are distinctive, but work fine in a professional environment.

I have purchased a few things from Erin Alexandra Klym (etsy version of her shop). It's nice stuff.
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Garnet Hill can be a bit Boden-esque.
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White Stuff is my new Boden (not a huge shoe selection, but you did mention clothes).
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Tea Collection is Bodeny (especially in the girls' department).
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