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Late night food and drink in the UPPER upper east side of Manhattan?

So, right now, I'm on my way into NYC for work. I'm staying at a hotel at 92nd and Madison. I won't get there until 10:30 - 11PM... And I will want food, and a martini. It's been a long day. Google searches for "late night food" etc. only reveal places down the 70's, or over on 2nd avenue. I'm hoping for something closer, but don't know this neighborhood at all.

Halp! Am I doomed to something nasty from a bodega?
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92nd & Madison is very much the Upper East Side. No need for "upper upper".

That said, the neighborhood is Carnegie Hill.

As for restaurants/bars: try this site.
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Best answer: New York Magazine's restaurant guide [select UES or E. 90s, late night, etc.]
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its on 2nd and 89th so I don't know if its close enough but Libertador Parrilla Argentina is nice and open till 12
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Best answer: No, not at all. Plenty of stuff will be open, though a lot of nicer places close at 11. If you feel like a burger, Jackson Hole (90th and Madison) is open until 11. If you want something fancier (and more expensive), Le Paris Bistro (93rd and Madison) is also open until 11. There are a number of places right around your hotel - you should be able to just wander by. Don't go over to 5th Ave. or Park Ave. - no restaurants on either of those. If nothing appeals to you on Madison, head over to Lexington, 3rd or 2nd (though as SpaceWarp says, that's getting a little further away).
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Best answer: Ah, here's a decent option that's open until midnight: Cilantro, on 2nd betw. 88th and 89th. More of a margarita than a martini place, but the food (Southwestern) is pretty good. Also, if you feel like diner food, Midnight Express (as the name might indicate) is open very late (also 2nd betw. 88th and 89th).
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Also, if you go over to the area where SpaceWarp and I are suggesting and want a quiet drink in a very quiet place after you eat, you can't beat Auction House. It's on 89th just off 2nd (betw. 2nd and 1st). Red building, but no name out front.
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this probably a little late to help you out, but no matter where you are in manhattan, seamlessweb.com can bring you anything you want. including from the restaurants mentioned here. things gets a little more limited the later it is, but there'll still be something open...
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Response by poster: Thanks, guys! I could've squeaked in to the Madison Ave places that close at 11, barely, but a walk to 2nd seemed in order after all - a nice night, and I miss NYC. Am currently eating at Cilantro, which is quite good.

I should say: I did order a martini. I'm type1 diabetic, and the sugar in margaritas are tricky for me. And this is a way better martini than I expected from a random southwestern/Mex place. As a wise man once said, it's "better than it needs to be". Thx, Conrad C o'D!
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