I need a Unity tutorial!
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I'm looking for a good Unity tutorial.

There is absolutely no shortage of tutorials available for the 3D engine, Unity. There are a kazillion. I need a suggestion for a good one. I'm also willing to look into books (Imagine that!).

Bonus points for a focus on 2D Dev. I have experience with programming, so I don't need a tutorial with "And a loop is...". I'm interested in kind of jumping into Unity and, most importantly, working with actual functioning examples. If I don't have context, it's in one ear, out the other.
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design3.com has good ones. However, I haven't looked at them all yet, so I can't point you to anything specific.
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If you don't mind a little bit of C# code, you might give M2H's sample games a gander. I mucked around with the Egg Catch scene to give it mouse control and to make the eggs fall with "proper" gravity. (This was very easy to do, and very gratifying.)
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