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What are the best nations for broadband both in terms of speed and price, and why?

The US, I'm sure is not super-high on the list, likely because of it's massive geography, but I'm sure there are other infrastructure hurdles.
What nations do a great job (or what companies in certain nations do a great job) in providing cheap, wicked-fast internet?
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From 2009 Source: Here

From 2011 Source: Here

This is my based off 20min of research and someone with more information please feel free to expand upon the why. Source is full article, year just links to the info-graphic.
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When it comes to technology, the answer is always Japan. Always.

They have population density, population size, materials, skills, and desire.
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The OECD has some nice data, although some of it is a little out of date.

The International Telecommunications Union is another good source.

The broadband testing service Ookla has download speed data that's constantly updated.

As for the why, this report from the Berkman Center would be a good place to start. The country overviews are especially helpful.

The FCC's National Broadband Plan discusses where the US ranks in broadband penetration, speed, and price, and why.

When it comes to technology, the answer is always Japan. Always.

True, except when it's Korea or Sweden of course.
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Well, I'm sure those charts and graphs have plenty of answers in them. But for my money, nobody beats Finland, who recently made one-megabit ethernet a civil right!
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