Help me find a thorough sports doctor for my elite athletic hopes
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Help me find a thorough sports doctor for my elite athletic hopes. I am a 28 year old male. I currently have a partially torn Hamstring, adhesions and scar tissue in my hamstrings (and buttocks). I also have a leg length discrepancy, my right leg is 1.4 CM shorter than my left leg ( .7cm in femur, .7cm in the tibia, confirmed by scanogram). I think the leg length discrepancy is slowing me down while running, and causing other injuries.

I played 1 season of semi-professional soccer when I was 19, and I want to attempt to get into professionally competitive shape again. I am willing to spend thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars to get my body into optimal condition for high level athletic competition. I have no outside obligations, (time, work, family, school etc) and I am willing to fly to anywhere in the world (but preferably USA).

I was thinking along the lines of Olympic physical therapy specialists, or the best sports doctors around, who would really take time, hours, over days and weeks, to do a thorough whole body bio-mechanic evaluation to help me correct my issues. I mean the kind of attention to detail that a sports star would get if he were injured.

I am currently seeing Dr Bright Here in my hometown, and he is recommending ART, and physical therapy, (for my hamstrings) but he didn't seem to think that my LLD was a problem worth addressing.

I was thinking of to maybe find something like These docs who wrote a good article on hamstring issues.

Any resources, clinics, or just ideas in general would be helpful! Thanks a lot.
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Best answer: Gray Cook and Eric Cressey are highly regarded in the circles I know for movement assessments and treatments.

A word of warning: I don't know what you've been doing in the intervening years, but you may find at your age getting into professional shape will not be a possibility--you'll be competing with young men in their athletic prime.
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You may also want to look into Michael Boyle.

Following up on what schroedinger said, you may not have a good probablity of competing with some of the younger guys, but I don't think it's a bad idea to go after your dreams.
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Response by poster: I am still in relatively good shape and have been playing soccer throughout these years. And even if I can't make it to a minor pro league, I want to give it my best shot, i'd say I have at least a 1/500 shot at being on the bench of a 3rd rate team.

Getting my bio-mechanics fixed up would help immensely IMO.
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Response by poster: schroedinger, I'm sold on Gary Cook, but I can not find out how to try to schedule an appointment with him. Any help?
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I don't, but he has a website, perhaps you can find contact information on there?
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Response by poster: I finally got an e-mail back after 2 weeks of waiting. Does anyone think this is a good option? $500 an hour seems a little steep.

Hi Patrick,
I'm a therapist that works with Gray in his clinic in Chatham, Virgnia. He asked that I respond to your email for him.

Gray said he could definitely take a look at you if you wanted to come to the area.

His fee would range from $1000-1500 for 1 to 1.5 days. This would involve a 2 hour session in the morning and a 1 hr session later in the day. An additional hour session would be the following day if you decide to do a day and a half session.

He suggests bringing your own video camera if you want to record your sessions.

A $500 deposit would be required if you wish to proceed and schedule a consultation.

If you're interested or have any other questions you can call 434-XXXXXX (ask for myself or XXXX or you can email me at this email address. (

Thanks for your interest and we look forward to helping you.
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You'll have to decide if it's worth it to you. I have never worked with the dude or met him, I've only heard he's good at what he does and he's well-known. For someone with his high visibility, he can charge that much because the market will bear it. Could you find other PTs who would be cheaper and just as good? Quite possibly, poke around universities with D1 sports teams and professional sports teams. Poke around the Olympic Training Center itself. Contact the soccer teams you're interested in and find out who their players go to.

However, if you are looking for The Best Specialists Ever, then you're looking at paying quite a bit for their services. You said you're willing to drop tens of thousands of dollars--and it is wholly possibly to drop that much.
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