Help me find a doctor
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Help me find a doctor on north shore Long Island

My wife and I recently moved to Long Island, NY and haven't found a good doctor yet. Friends and colleagues are oddly unhelpful when I ask for referrals. We live in/near Glen Cove and need a basic primary care doc. A good dermatologist would be a bonus. Any help out there?
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Can't help you with primary care, but I can recommend Dr. Tara Kaufmann for dermatology. I go to her office in East Setauket (Suffolk), but it looks like she also practices out in Oceanside.
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Oceanside? That's very far from Glen Cove.

My family always went to the Family Medicine Practice right on Forest Ave, but frankly I haven't been there since '02. And it is very much a family practice - lots of kids running around.

Dermatologist - never had much luck finding one I liked til I moved into Manhattan. - probably look for someone over at North Shore in Manhasset though.

Any other questions about the area feel free to mefi mail me.
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I went to Dr. Ardito on Forest Avenue when I lived out there. He was very friendly and helpful. I believe my Mother still uses him.
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