Custom jewelry in Orlando, FL!
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I need advice on getting custom jewelry made in Orlando, FL!

A ring I gave to my girlfriend got lost when we spent a day at the park about a month ago. I've looked for it, I can't buy another one, and she unfairly blames it on herself. Now I'd like to get another ring made for our one year anniversary. Long story short, I originally bought two rings--they're actually small inexpensive charms meant to be put on a necklace--because I didn't get the right color, so I still have one. I don't want to give this one to her; it feels wrong to replace something with sentimental value just like that.

Here is a picture of the ring. It's part of a matching set (the heart on the ring fits into the heart on the plate), and the plate on the right is for my necklace. Yes, it's extremely cheesy. We have a thing for Mickey and Minnie Mouse though.

My question is threefold:
1. Is this project plausible, and with a low budget? What kind of price range can I expect?
2. Where can I go in Orlando, Florida for this kind of service?
3. What kind of materials should I request to maintain said low budget? Namely, what should I use for the ring itself and for the fake jewels?

I'm also considering replacing the "I NEED YOU" text with something else, ie. our names or anniversary date. Suggestions would be nice.

Bonus: I need a way to keep the ring from falling off the necklace chain, like how the plate has a small ring to keep it from sliding past the clasp. Perhaps I should just make it big enough to wear, for when she takes the necklace off?

**For clarity, I have both an extra ring and plate for the jeweler to base the new ones off of.
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It looks like three tube-set round stones on the ring, so
1. totally plausible, under $150. $200 to be safe. I'm sure you could even find someone to do it for less.
2. I don't know Orlando, but you could easily find several people able to do this for you on Etsy. Something like this wouldn't have to be in person.
3. For a quality result done cheaply I would use silver, and cubic zirconia for the stones. For a cheaper result you could even use brass or copper, but I don't think that would look nearly as nice.
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Here are a bunch of rings and here are a bunch of stamped plates from various sellers on Etsy, to get you started if you want to go that way. Many of these people will be open to doing custom work.
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I had an engagement ring made at Victoria Jewelers in Baldwin Park (out near Winter Garden). They weren't especially cheap, but they were professional, very friendly, and knew the business. I'd give them a call, talk to Frank.
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One thing to consider is that some jewelers may balk at doing the exact same design if this is a disney product. Especially if you try to get it done in the Orlando area. As others recommend I'd give ETSY a shot.
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