Can anyone put a name to the song that I cant think of?
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With limited details, what is this song and who is it by? (Maybe from a Ninja Tune compilation!)

The song I cant think of comes from a compilation album.

Could be a Ninja Tune or Fabriclive album.

Is either by Bonobo (i dont think it is) or it is followed by a Bonobo track on the compilation.

There are vocals which sound almost cut and pasted or somehow edited together. Very disjointed.

The only lyrics I can remember are something like "and the murderer"

And thats it :0D

Someone must know this!
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Try looking here....
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The song Tristan by Patrick Wolf has the following lyric (it's only said once so I'm not sure it would be enough to be memorable, but maybe there's a remix?):

I am the victim
And the murderer
You speak of love
But I’ve never heard of her

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Best answer: I'm enough of a Ninja Tune nerd that this was more than enough of a description for me to know the track you were talking about.

It's "Tried By 12", by East Flatbush Project, the Squarepusher remix specifically. It's track 3 on the first CD of ZEN RMX - A Ninja Tune Remix Retrospective, and is followed by a Bonobo track. The lyric snippet you're thinking of is "So who'd you rather be? The murdered, or the murderer?"

You can preview from Ninja Tune. The original isn't bad either, but you're definitely thinking of the remix.

I hope that helps!
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Response by poster: Thanks a million homotopy! That is exactly it! Just listened to a copy on youtube... awesome memories flooding back :D

Thanks again dude.
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