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Help me come up with raw food (balanced) meal ideas, please.

Not because I'm a health nut, but because I'm lazy. I don't want to cook, order in, or eat out all the time.
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Have you tried my molested kale salad? It's ridiculously good, and a nice balance of protein and carbs and vitamins. Non-raw people ask for me to make it. I am currently so madly in love with these jalapeno burgers. They're one of the most delicious (raw or non raw) things I've ever eaten. I make savory flax seed crackers and then put the burgers on them with sliced of tomato and avo. YUMazing. Know how rawwies are always taking regular food recipes and adapting them to raw? Well when my husband and son tasted those burgers I had to come up with a cooked/beef version so they would stop stealing mine. Lots of protein, carbs, and vitamins in the nuts, flax seeds, and greens and whatnot you top the burger with.

I too am SO lazy. So I like to dehydrate and plan and make one day, and then eat that stuff for the week.

Also amazing and quick is banana ice cream, will type out the recipe if you don't know it already.
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eating solely raw foods and getting all the nutrition right is super time consuming (like exhausting sometimes!)
they're not raw, but for protein canned soups and chilis is one easy way to cook. open can and heat (or not). or boil in the bag. add a piece of wholegrain toast for grain. for fruit and veg, just pick the portable stuff: bananas, apples....
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Response by poster: The molested kale salad sounds delcious! And I would love the recipe for the banana ice cream - thank you. I'll try to jalapeno burgers too.

I'm not planning to eat solely raw foods. I just don't want to cook or even open a can of anything a few times a week, y'know?
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Supposedly rice and beans together form a perfect protein, and beans couldn't be easier to make or store in the fridge, so that's something you might like to keep on hand too!

For banana ice cream that's super healthy, just take some really ripe nanners, peel them and cut them up and put them in a baggie. Pop in the freezer. The next day the bananas are frozen. Throw some in a food processor and add nothing ;) Just let them whip into ice cream. If you want to flavor it somehow, I've been known to add cacao powder, strawberries, or agave syrup or honey. SO good!
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