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I have some guys coming in two weeks to pull the shrubs in the flowerbed in front of our house and replace them with others. The problem is that I am very undecided on what types to put in, or how to arrange them. Is there an online application (free) where I can mock up ideas to see what they would look like? Preferably one that allows head-on views more than from-above views. Thanks.
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Sounds like you could use Google Sketchup (it's a free 3D drawing program) with the book Sketchup for Site Design. What you plant is totally dependent on where you are. Each region and locale has its own unique set of native shrubs. For those check with a locally owned nursery, they're usually on top of that kind of thing.
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Best answer: Better Homes and Gardens has a plan-a-garden feature.
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Response by poster: Thanks, Iris. I marked you as best answer because it was, but unfortunately that isn't really what I was hoping for. Thank you, again, though.
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