Please help me create a pre-recorded conference presentation and reliable delivery and display method. Thanks!
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I'm in the UK, and will be giving a pre-recorded video conference presentation remotely next month in the US. What is the deliverable I should be aiming for (YouTube link, QuickTime video, PDF with MP3, something else?) and what is the easiest, most hassle-free way of creating and delivering it?

This is a 20 minute presentation currently being built in Keynote (I tried PPT, but it was a corrupting nightmare). It is not necessary that I be visually seen during the presentation (so no complicated 'get a video recorder' methods desired here), but there must be audio. I would like to include audio clips in the presentation slides as well.

If there is an easy way to click through the slides while talking and record the transitions with the synced audio, that would be ideal. And then of course, exporting it in the best way possible. And lastly, making it accessible and workable for the conference organizers. Ultimately, it'd be nice to just do this easily with the tools I have, resulting in a cleanly viewable and crisply audible format. What have you tried and what do you recommend?

Other resources I have that might help: Dropbox (with 50GB limit), Mac OSX, US and UK bank accounts (for mail delivery or courier services, if that's necessary).

In summary:
1. What is the deliverable/format I should be aiming for?
2. What is the easiest, most-hassle free method of creating that deliverable?
3. What is the most-efficient way of getting the presentation in the hands (or laptops) of the conference organizers?


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Keynote already does recordings exactly as you need. Go up to the Play menu item then Record Slideshow and it will record your talk (through your microphone) for as long as you talk. At the end, you can export out a .mov file and upload that somewhere (You could upload to Vimeo if you want it public, or toss it up on a shared folder in Dropbox if you just want the organizers to get it).
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Slideshare is the way that I deliver this.
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