Internet Killed the Video Star?
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Other YouTube/Google-like services that allow more than 10min of video?

I have some seminars and roundtables I've been in that someone asked me to post on YouTube or Google Video, but I see Google has recently ended Video as an upload service, while YouTube seems to cap uploads at 10 minutes. These are 0:40 - 3:00 videos, so that's a big no.

They're niche interest, and while marked 'public', they're generally only of interest to a few hundred people. They'll end up embedded on web pages and blogs, like most YouTube vids.

Free is best, cheap is acceptable. What are my options?
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Best answer: Wikipedia has more information than I could hope to cobble together. Jump down to the streaming video technical information section to see the max length of videos.
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Best answer: Viddler isn't on the list above - a few of the tech websites I read have started to use that. However there is a 500MB limit on the video upload size. Not really an issue for anything under about 90 minutes or so (assuming VGA, 750Kb/s), so you might have to do part 1/2 but for something 3 hours long that might be a worthwhile choice.
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Best answer: Vimeo is great, I use it for stuff, but you have to do a one-time fee to get their good service.
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Seconding Vimeo. i don't know if I'd call it a "one-time fee," Pro is $60 per year I believe. But it's a great service.
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Vimeo. Rocks.
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Response by poster: Thanks gang. I'll check out Vimeo and Viddler first (500Mb is doable, these are 200-300Mbish crappy quality), and if necessary fall back on that big and daunting Wikipedia list.
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