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Moving to Manila ... what should I ask and think about beforehand?

My workplace has just asked me if I'm interested in moving from Brisbane Australia to our Manila office. So far nothing official, just a "hey we thought of you for this, are you interested, think about it".

Well yes I am interested (pending the actual details), but I don't really know much about Manila. Also never moved countries before so interested in what I should think of.

I'm pretty much set on doing it (assuming it even goes ahead). But I am worried I'll forget to ask something, or arrange something and then 6 months later slapping myself on the forehead.

Assuming life in Manila is cheaper than here I'm not worried about money.

Throwaway email address: omgmanilasrsly@gmail.com
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About Manila:

Manila is a megalopolis, so it will depend which part of Manila you're moving to: Manila proper? Makati? Quezon City? Ortigas area?

Public transport, from what I've heard, isn't too bad. Rent a car or take the (segregated) MTR if you can. Buses, jeepneys and tricycles, while convenient/cheap, may not be safe.

Healthcare is decent. Recommendations will depend on which area you live in.

Entertainment will depend on what you're interested in. Shopping? Art? Music? Clubs? Diving? (Many beaches within 2 hours of Manila, barring traffic.)
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