Why do animated an animated GIF's frame rate vary from browser to browser and can I make it consistent somehow?
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When I make an animated gif it seems to run faster in some browsers. Is there a way to make it consistent for them all?

Is there a way to make animated gif play the same frame rate consistently in all browsers? The same file seems to playback very fast in Firefox vs. safari or chrome. (I am using a mac and usually use Photoshop to create the animated gifs) Thanks!
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Best answer: It's an artifact of the original Netscape/IE browser war. For compatibility with Netscape and old tools, IE does weird stuff when the delay is 50ms or less, and the other browsers selectively either chose to copy that or not. So I guess a workaround would be to use 60ms or higher for the frame delay.
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Best answer: ...which would be about 15 frames per second.
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