Will Symantec PC anywhere work for me?
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Will symantec PC anywhere 12.5 work for me? I want to access my desktop office pc from other locations over wifi. Ideally would be able to access all desktop functionality programs etc.

I have an adsl connected fast desktop computer behind a belkin wireless g router/ gateway. I want to use PC anywhere or some other software to access my desktop remotely. Ideally I would like to do everything I could do from the desktop except for maybe printing.

With Symantec PC Anywhere host and client 12. 5 would I be able to use say wordperfect installed on the vista desktop to edit documents on the laptop and then save them back to the desktop? If not what can I do with the software? Only gain access to the data which I can then manipulate on the client with whatever software i have on it and then save it back to the desktop? The symantec information doesn't really clarify precisely what can be reasonably accomplished. I assume bandwith also probably plays a part in what one can do?

Are there any security issues I need to be aware of? Thanks ask mefi users.
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Short answer : Gbridge is amazing
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Try out LogMeIn Free. It's a great free program that lets you work as if you were sitting in front of it. I use it from my iPhone on 3G with literally no lag, so it's great for slow connections. If you need to shuffle files around, throw DropBox into the mix and you've got a great combo.
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Was coming here to recommend trying out LogMeIn first, too...
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What version of Vista? If its Pro or higher you can use remote desktop. Note, this will require you to forward port 3389 on your firewall to your computer. Remote desktop outperforms (and by a wide margin) all the other solutions you are considering. It also forwards sound, which is nice to have.

If you can't get remote desktop, then a third party service like logmein is probably the way to go.
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