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Where can I find a ghost writer for a fiction(novel)?

I would like to formalize a RPG I did with a friend into a novel. I've tried to work on this by myself, and with the friend, but I always crap out halfway or the friend craps out. Usually these are NaNoWriMo attempts, on number 5 so far. The world is expansive and has been developed through role playing for over 10 years.

I'd like to work with a ghost writer to help supplement my own writing.

Where can I find a ghost writer that would be able to contribute to a fiction piece if I gave them lots of material to work with?

(I have permission to use the work from the friend and they are aware I am working on the project. I am also aware that the idea is probably very expensive, I don't mind.)
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Best answer: I know a lot of writers and editors who do some sidework on I'd take a look there in the writing section. If you are willing to pay, I'm sure someone is willing to write with you!
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Best answer: So, what exactly do you mean by "ghost writer"? Are you going to hand someone a plot outline and all the worldbuilding notes and have them knock together a draft? Or do you have big chunks of the actual novel and you need someone to write the ending?

Are you intending to make something publishable? Will it matter if it's totally, utterly non-publishable? (Not to be mean, but... that's the likely scenario.)

Thing is, I'd be happy to do it if we could work out appropriate terms, but we'd be talking a pretty large chunk of change. Like, in the "full-time white collar employee" kind of money. And a big chunk of it would have to be up-front.
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Best answer: Guru is good. might be a good idea, too.

But I'd submit that NaNoWriMo is not, in fact, the best way to write a novel. You might find that your production is better if you work at a more reasonable pace--I've finished a whole bunch of manuscripts writing at 500-1000 words a day. NaNoWriMo kind of makes my brain explode.
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Best answer: The people who I know personally who've done ghostwriting got started after they'd seen Craigslist ads. Agencies looking for ghostwriters -- typically to help with vanity-published memoirs -- will put up a general purpose ad, recruit talent, then assign work to the writers in their stable of talent as it comes in.

Since this would be a one-time gig, you can either try to find an agency that specializes in ghostwriting and will pair you with an experienced writer, or you can try advertising to writers directly. If you decide to do the latter, make sure your listing is as clear and professional as it can be (ie proofread for both typos and clarity), be prepared to offer a substantial advance, and consider hiring a lawyer to draw up a formal contract to protect both the writer and yourself.

Also, be clear on what exactly you want from that writer, and what their credit and compensation would be. Do you want a ghostwriter in the strictest sense, meaning a work-for-hire writer who will receive no credit whatsoever? If so, you'll probably have to pay them more for their efforts. Do you just want a writer who will realize your vision for this book, but who would then be partially credited for the final product? Do you want to ensure in a contract that this is a strictly work-for-hire situation, and the writer will retain no rights whatsoever to the content they help you create?

There are lots of perfectly good ways to approach this kind of project. You'll be in a much better position if you figure out these details beforehand.
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Best answer: I have ghost-written several works of fiction, novel length as well as shorter things. Can't say for sure what the rate would be, but if you like, email me. I can give references and samples.
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Response by poster: I have probably about 20% of it written plus additional materials. Publishing it would be a goal, but not the main goal.

I'd want a work-for-hire situation. I was envisioning meeting up with them and describing what I wanted to happen, or writing an outline.
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Best answer: check your memail -- I have private contact info for someone who may be able to work with you.
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Best answer: This guy does it.
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I am also aware that the idea is probably very expensive, I don't mind.

If you have some money, that helps.
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