How do I get my browser to work?
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On certain web sites, when I click on the next button or the page 2 to go to the next page, nothing happens. I cannot get to the second page of a news story. I want to fix this.

One site on which this happens is On some sites like the NY Times, it works fine. This happens in both Chrome 11.0.696.16 and Firefox 4.0. It works fine in IE9. How do I get it to work in my other browsers? Is it my settings or my settings combined with some way this site (and others like it) work?
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You're probably using a Javascript blocker. That's the problem.

You have to disable it and then reload the page.
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Response by poster: Ok, in Chrome when I go to Options--> Content Settings-->Javascript, The allow all sites javascript radio button is checked (Chrome). Could it be in Add Blocker?
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The scrolly-arrow things at the bottom of the site you link to don't work for me in Chrome unless I pause adblock
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Response by poster: I did just try to exclude the site on Ad Block and it worked!! Is there anyway I can go to this site and have this work and not see the darn ads? As a total layman with this sort of thing, what is causing adblock to stop this process or what about the button makes it appear to be an ad to ad block?
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Right click on the ad image and there will be an option in the menu to block it.
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