Lasik MD any good?
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Any recommendations for making Laser eye surgery cheaper? I have been to Lasik MD in Montreal Quebec, canada. They have a pretty high price, and I'm hoping to find a better one possibly get a discount. Recommendations? I'm not sure if I have to go through with the 3-hour song and dance that I did with Lasik MD, but I'd consider it if I might get a better price. I'm talking about the wavefront technology.
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Response by poster: I should mention that it appears that Lasik MD owns all the ad space and the promotional space for laser eye surgery. I wonder if there really are any alternatives?
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Do you have healthcare savings accounts up there? In the US, we can have a portion of our paycheck deducted and put into a spcial account for such things. The money is taken out pre-tax, which can amount to a fairly significant discount. I paid for my Lasik that way, and it saved me about 30%.
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Have you haggled with them? I know a friend who called around to several places to find the lowest price. She then went to her preferred clinic and told them her lowest price quote. She paid a fraction of the original price.

So I say, call them up and negotiate!
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Definitely recommend the FSA/HSA route if that is available to you.

Also, check with your insurance provider to see if they have a preferred partner. When I had Lasik done about 6 years ago in the states, I was able to save about 15% by choosing a preferred provider even though insurance didn't cover any of the procedure. Using pre-tax dollars through an FSA and selecting a preferred provider, I ended up paying roughly 40% less than the full price.

Finally, I noticed on the Lasik MD website that some of their facilities offer to match competitor's prices. The ones in Quebec don't, but the Ottawa and Syracuse NY facilities state they will beat a competitor's price for equivalent service by $100.
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Response by poster: They told me they would do the same and I was at a Quebec one. But the exam was 3 hours. So if I need to set aside 3 hours per additional quote, well...
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Can you apply for like Carecredit or something similar? It's totally worth it.

In my experience, the more expensive places are worth it when it comes to LASIK. This is not an area where you want to pinch pennies. You're better off getting in a little debt to get the surgery done right.
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