Who is behind this emblem?
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Tell me what organization/philosophy belongs to this emblem. (Image link inside)


I saw a shiny black Mercedes with this emblem (sticker?) on it. I didn't recognize it, and couldn't find it even with Google's help.

Can anyone tell me what it refers to?
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The slogan makes me think of a seatbelt campaign (SBN = Seat Belt Now?), but I have no idea what the symbol would refer to.
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The image is a fleur de lis, which is a symbol of France and francophone places like Quebec and New Orleans; it's also a symbol of scouting.

The slogan "Take the extra 2 minutes - life is precious" suggests filling out an organ donor card, or performing a self-exam for some cancer.

The acronym SBN could be "societe" something, since it may be in a place where you have both French and English terms in common use. I am imagining a campaign by a hospital whose name starts with that, for example.
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What country did you see this in? Now I'm very curious what it is!
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The fleur-de-lis is also a symbol of New Orleans, Baton Rouge and other Cajun areas of Louisiana. And, the Kappa Kappa Gamma women's fraternity (whose colors are also light and dark blue).

SBN could be the initials of a person who died for lack of [whatever can be done in 2 minutes].
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Other possible meanings I'm seeing online for the slogan: wear your bike/motorcycle helmet; put on proper motorcycle gear (tough pants and jacket); strap children properly into their car seats; do a car/mechanical repair properly; secure cargo in the back of your truck properly; make a proper anchor in rock climbing
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Googling for "Take the extra 2 minutes" "Life is precious" returns a ton of links referring to belting children securely in the car.

The fleur de lys is used for a ton of stuff, perhaps the best match I see is that is used for "most Scouting organizations".
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The best I can do for SBN is Sheridan Broadcasting Network - a radio network founded in Pittsburgh in 1972 by Ronald Davenport and aimed at an African American audience. It merged with the National Black Network (NBN) in 1992 to form American Urban Radio Networks (AURN) but the SBN name seems to continue as "SBN Sports" which among other things named the winner of a hypothetical National Black College Football Champion every year (maybe only through 2007?).
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Most probably, it is a custom decal or a sticker from cafepress.com or zazzle.com I too spent a couple of hours looking for this :)
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Response by poster: The mystery continues. Thanks for the efforts so far...
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