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I'm taking a statistics class (for social sciences) and need help finding really dumbed-down explanations of concepts, including how to use associated formulas.

Can anyone direct me to some helpful online resources? I.e. covering stuff like Confidence Intervals, Hypothesis Testing, T-Tests.
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The rest you could pick up from wiki and search engine searches.
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Maybe reading through Head First Statistics would be helpful. I haven't read this particular book, but the Head First series is generally great. If what you're looking for is a good conceptual grasp of the underlying concepts of statistics, I think this would be an excellent choice.
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The book, Statistics for People (Who Think) They Hate Statistics, helped save me through my intro courses.
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Khan Academy

Scroll down for the statistics section where he breaks it down by topic, or start at the beginning here.

All the videos are focused on one topic and are in ten minute chunks. He uses lots of example problems and takes things really slowly.
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Andy Field is a psychologist in the U.K. who does this very well. If you are using SPSS in your class, I think it would be worth looking up his book in your school library. Since you asked for online resources, here is his (also useful, but shockingly ugly) website.
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The Cartoon Guide to Statistics is well written and useful enough for most concepts. Not online, but for about $10 it's pretty well worth it.
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A simple guide to understanding basic statistics, for journalists and other writers who might not know math.

When I was studying stats, I found it really helpful to work out basic concepts with tangible objects, like paperclips, or drawings. I have an awful time with complete abstractions; I have to be able to see it or touch it before I can move to the abstraction phase. It took many years of just feeling stupid before I understood this about myself, and the insight has really helped me in a variety of areas.
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I taught social science stats to people with major mathematics anxiety. The best--by a LONG shot--clear, easy-to-understand introductions to fundamental statistics concepts I've ever seen are in Perry Hinton's Statistics Explained.
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