There's a hole in my bucket!
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What video clips feature someone futilely filling a leaking container (or a similar futile task)?

I am looking for a video clip I can access on the internet for an illustration.

I am looking for a clip of someone ignorantly filling a leaking container. The elements I hope to show up in the video are that the person or people filling the container are expending lots of energy/work/time to fill the container. Maybe an assembly line style passing along of the bucket, or someone running frantically.

They should not realize that all this work is a waste because whatever they are filling the container with is leaking as they add more. But it is ok, maybe even good if they eventually notice the leak.

It could be sand, water, anything in any kind of container. Even some animal storing up food while another animal eating it as quickly as it is being gathered...

It could be a cartoon, the three stoges, a movie, whatever you can think of. I feel like I have seen plenty of clips with this sort of idea, but can't think of any to look up and my google-fu is failing. So I turn to you wonderful people for help.

The more clips the better, any you can think of with this kind of theme.

Thanks so much friends!
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My unconscious suggests this My Little Pony clip from 1986.
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Lucy and Ethel trying frantically to keep up with the chocolate assembly line.
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Ralph Wiggum finds Easter Egg
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Response by poster: Thanks guys, these are all sweet. The my little pony one is almost exactly what I was seeing in my head when I asked this. Does anyone have any more, I need quite a few more, and you'd have a chance to be featured in a presentation of mine!
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"Quite correct!" he shrieked triumphantly. "I am the Terrible Trivium, demon of petty tasks and worthless jobs, ogre of wasted effort, and monster of habit."

9:30 -- 11:40, from the animated adaptation of Norton Juster's "The Phantom Tollbooth."
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Still image of Milo, Tock and The Humbug at work on their trivial tasks, from "The Phantom Tollbooth."
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Ulysses 31 - episode 5. A then modern take on the legend of Sisyphus.

He meets Sisyphus who has to fill up a seemingly bottomless pit with metal balls (?). Turns out they are recycled at the bottom and he has to push them all the way back again the next day never to complete his task.
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This comes to mind.
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another one, featuring the marx brothers. Skip ahead to 8:41.
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