Going at it with the scissors myself would be a bad idea.
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HairFilter: All I know is that I want a haircut. Please help me expand on that.

I'm a girl. For the past four or five years, my hair has been like this (or with my hair up), give or take a few inches. Very dark, very coarse, undyed. And I have lots of it. And I'm getting tired of it.

I've been eyeing the scissors on my desk speculatively for the past few hours, so please give me some suggestions before I do something to my head I'm going to regret tomorrow! Descriptions, pictures, whatever, the more specific, the better -- I've tried looking on sites like beauty-box.jp but I have so little awareness of what would actually work on me that more often than not I just get even more confused and distracted by all the pretty girls. My only requirement is that it shouldn't take too much fussing/product to look decent (bonus points if it can made awesome with product if I so wish, though.) Thanks!

A couple weeks ago I posted this question about dyeing my hair a funky colour, but alas, due to budgetary concerns that will have to wait. One day! *shakes fist*
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There is always the Ramona Flowers

Dye job and Hair Fangs optional.
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er hair fangs.

Good way to keep face-framing length with a tidy, easy to manage back.
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Anyway for GENERAL tips, you've got a good chin and your face shape wouldn't take to too short styles well unless you went crazy with the gel. Something that goes past the ears, meaning to wear it pushed back behind your ears, would be best.

It would appear that you could pull off a long ponytail if you liked. It's less fussy in the morning for work but more time spent washing and combing, but it's all in one direction and is fairly straightforward. You brush back, and then it stays back. If you've got a long ponytail you can all kinds of crazy hair bun stuff, but that might not be up your street if you want simplicity. A well kept for ponytail is a perfectly wonderful hair choice, and girls can get away with it easier.
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Heh, that's funny you say that, The Whelk -- most days I do wear my hair in a ponytail, with face-framey side bangs that look sort of like the "hair fangs" (totally going to use that term now) you linked to. Score!
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Hollowed out long layer shape.
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If you step back from it a bit, those beauty-box cuts aren't all that different from each other--maybe 2-3 cuts per section but all with excellent styling.

So I wonder if what's tiresome in what you have isn't so much the cut but the unintentional look. First imagine something simple: wispy side-swept bangs and an overall length that just brushes the shoulders, so you get rid of the ends that look a bit messy and still get to wear a ponytail. Any stylist can achieve that, but given your budgetary constraints, you may or may not be dealing with someone who can do graduated layers or textured ends very well.

Either way, work toward finding a care routine and a conditioner for the body/ends that helps with the texture and makes the overall shape come out a bit rather than running straight down the length of your face. With the length brought up, something simple could be great.
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How about angled bob? It's a nice cut and it shouldn't take too much fussing.
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Your bangs remind me of YouTube's xteener. She used to have long hair like yours. Her she is talking about her short cut.

Here is a vid where she shows her new, short A-line bob.
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Why would going at it with the scissors yourself be a bad idea? Maybe you should cut your own hair, cuz that can be so funny.

That said, I like the Ramona Flowers idea.
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I have swoopy bangs plus hair fangs and it's pretty easy and fun. My fangs kind of taper to the length of my undercut moving back along my head. It's sort of a modified Robyn cut. I can also comb all the longer bits over to one side for a different, funkier look. I have also made the long bits into a pompadour a couple times because I think it's funny.

Memail me if I've done a terrible job describing this and you want a picture.
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