No .cn TLD for non-citizens? SRSLY?
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Is it even possible to get a .cn domain name now if I'm not a Chinese citizen?

I'm buying a lot of variants, like and, and now I'd like to buy
Yes, I'm a US citizen, and no, I don't have an office in China.

Almost all of the major registrars have dropped the .cn option, and I'm finding a lot of references to sweeping changes to the .cn TLD from late 2010 that say things like

- "The person/ employee submitting the application on behalf the registrant (entity), must be Chinese citizen and must have a valid PRC personal ID."

- Businesses are NOT ALLOWED to own .CN domain names.

- application material includes ... application form with business seal, company business license (photocopy), and registrant ID (photocopy).

Which make me think this is a no-go.

With other countries that have restrictive .TLD rules, you can usually

a) hire a go-between or local representative to satisfy 'local entity' rules

b) Buy a close alternative like instead of a

... however I don't think these mechanisms have sprung up yet for .CN.

So: am I stuck? Have any non-Chinese mefites out there purchased a .cn (or a domain name since Jan 1, 2011? If so, how?
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The new .cn rules are designed to force foreign entities to enter joint ventures with local partners. They are also seizing .cn addresses retroactively (though the owner is given fair warning to enter a JV or otherwise qualify).

Two things, FWIW:
The Biggest Chinese web properties use .com.
Other countries have similar rules, including Korea (.kr).
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