Manly workout DVDs?
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We're looking for some manly workout DVDs. Are there any you can recommend that are geared toward men? Not WiiFit. Thanks!
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Ya, P90x or Insanity look pretty tough.
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P90x is plenty of workout, but it's not "geared towards men". So...great workout, maybe not what you're looking for?
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Best answer: Depends on what you're looking for, how much you want to spend, and what "manly" means to you, I guess. But I don't think you can be manlier or get a better value than the Starting Strength DVD. Learning to safely and effectively perform the basic barbell exercises is something every (wo)man should do.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the ideas. I was just thinking of getting some workout DVDs for my husband, because the ones I have seem to be focused on women. I never really thought of men using a DVD to work out with. We're both pretty out of shape and overweight. But trying to change.
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You mentioned the WiiFit, which suggests you have a Wii. Have you looked at the Wii Active NFL Training Camp?
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Check out Ross Enamait's DVDs and books. Lots of low tech workout ideas. His YouTube channel gives you an idea of the intensity.
Not really a standalone DVD but a good strength training package is Building the Gymnastic Body.
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Best answer: Based on your descriptions of your current fitness level, you probably want Power 90, not P90X. (The "x," as you might guess, stands for "extreme.")
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Response by poster: Just ordered the Power90. Thanks! That's exactly what I was looking for. Husband's on board. We're 90 days away from ripped abs and bulging muscles.
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