How can i restart my iPhone if my lock button doesn't work?
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How can i restart my iPhone if my lock button doesn't work?

It's been broken for about two months now. It's surprisingly non-essential. The only times I ever miss it are when I want to take a screenshot (sadly impossible at the moment).
Anyway, I just installed an app that asks me to restart my iPhone to complete installation. Is there a way to do that?
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Go to the Settings app, dig down into the bit where you can "Reset Network Settings" and do that. It'll restart the phone. All you'll lose are, well, your network settings (wifi connection, etc) but you can quite quickly redo those.
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You can hold the home and power buttons simutaneously for about 10-15 seconds and that should cause a full reboot as well (unless the home or power button are what is broken..).
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Yeah, the broken one is the lock/power button.
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This happened with my old 3G - what I found best to work was to do a backup and restore from backup in iTunes. Took a few minutes, but worked like a charm.
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wackybrit - thanks for the tip, it's slightly scary, big red button pops up... Waiting to see if there's any other way, otherwise I'll do it.
General Malaise - That would take over an hour...
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Can you run the battery completely down and then plug it back in? I would think that would essentially be a restart.
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My power/lock button is gone too, but I find if I press the of the phone against a hard surface (I use the side of my kitchen counter) and really press the hell out of it, I get it to register. Enough to restart it, anyway, and enough to put it to sleep if I am too impatient to wait.
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got the same problem: resetting the network settings restarts your iphone too, you'd just have to re-enter your wifi passcodes.
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(oops, just saw that the first answer already got it right)
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If you're using slightly old firmware (4.0.1), you can jailbreak your phone by going to in mobile Safari, and after that you can just install a program to give you on-screen buttons for rebooting the phone and for taking screenshots. (Newer versions of the firmware currently require holding down the lock button as part of the jailbreak process...)
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I guess resetting the network settings is the easiest way... Just did it, worked like a charm. Thanks, wackybrit and ts;dr
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the easiest way is to jailbreak you're phone (any version but the one that was released the other week). once you do that, go into Cydia and install Springboard. this is a utility you can open with a swipe across the top of the screen, that has shortcuts for settings including an option to lock, shutdown, and even reboot.
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(Mach5: sounds like we're both thinking SBSettings...)
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nthing jailbreaking and installing SBSettings. It's by far the fastest way of sleeping/rebooting/shutting down without a working Sleep/Wake button.
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