Good help forum for Office 2010?
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Can anyone recommend a good, well-trafficked forum for Microsoft Office (particularly 2010) questions? Seems like this should be eminently Googleable, but maybe because there are so many of them, I'm not finding the one that is the one. Thanks!
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You could try Microsofts' various forums/communities, this one is new:
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You should be able to get excellent answers from SuperUser (take a look at the Microsoft Word tag, for example), which is about many power-user questions, but regularly features answers about Office apps.

Disclaimer: I'm on the board of Stack Exchange, which owns the site, but it's where I go to look up my Office questions myself, which is why I recommend it.
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Ooh - I didn't know the 'exchanges had oriented towards power/end-users, thanks anil!
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I've always found the folks on Windows BBS helpful, swift and accurate.
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I like the Seven Forums quite a bit, and they have a section for Office:
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Response by poster: Awesome. Looking forward to checking some of these out.
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