Lo-carb protein powder
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Recommendations of protein powder/shake mix for use on a lo-carb diet. I'm looking for one that is ultra low in carbs, maybe sweetened with Splenda. Low cost is good.

I've been doing Atkins for almost 3 months now, and I'm starting to get a little tired of so much meat. I'd like to substitute an occasional meal with a hi-protein/ lo-carb shake. If you know a weblink of where to get it at low cost, include that too. Thanks.
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Not really a shake, but Zoic is a decent snack beverage. 90 calories, no sugar, 5g fiber, 15g protein.
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Isopure makes a 0 carb protein powder. I think it costs a little more than most though.

How low carb is ultra low carb? The stuff I usually use, EAS 100% Whey, has 3g of carb, 23g protein, and 130 cal per scoop.

Careful with the whole "low-carb" thing...
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I use Meta-Rx Protein Plus, its 23 grams of protein per scoop and 110 calories. I think its around $20 for 2 lbs.
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You can pick from a ton of different protein options and choose a sweetener at trueprotein.
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I buy and like Jillian Michael's protein powder from Walmart. The small can is 10 bucks. It has 7grams of carbs and 3 grams of sugar. If you Google "Jillian Michaels protein powder coupon" you can sign up for a dollar off coupon on the website.
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A whey + casein mix would be optimal for satiety. It's usually best to buy them separately and mix as you use.

FYI you can mix your shakes with a healthy dash of high-fat cream, coconut milk and/or ground flax to improve taste and blunt insulin response.
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I use Vega, drink it every morning. I was doing an even lower carb shake made with a base of hemp protein powder and my own ingredients, but found that my bodyfat has decreased switching to using the Vega, even though it has slightly more carbs.

I'm only familiar with Atkins in terms of the phenomena referred to in anthropology as 'rabbit starvation' which is basically Atkins without enough carbs/fat. I think when you're getting down to these tiny amounts of carbs in a protein shake, they aren't a problem as long as they're low glycemic sugars, so that your body can use them instead of turning them into fat - the carbs you want to avoid to achieve the weight-loss effects of rabbit starvation (without dying of course) are the high glycemic carbs.

Vega's good that way because it's all low glycemic. But, it fails your inexpensive test. That said, check out the ingredients and if you haven't read about the glycemic stuff when considering which powder to use.
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Optimum Nutrition is the best tasting protein powder I've found so far.

It isn't particularly cheap but it is a high quality product that dissolves very easily, doesn't have an offensive flavor, and actually comes close to tasting like chocolate milk. I recommend the double rich chocolate for drinking straight and the vanilla flavor for mixing in shakes.
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Syntrax Matrix is the best tasting and cheapest protein that I've found. Don't bother with anything cheaper than Matrix; it's going to taste like death.
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I love Living Harvest's hemp protein powder ($10.88). 110 calories, 630mg of Omega-3s, 14g of protein, 8 grams of fiber and 9 grams of carbs (only 1 net carb). Free shipping through Amazon Prime with a .edu email address!
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At Costco I buy "Protein (Pure, Isolated & Concentrated Milk Protein)". It's a 3 pound container. The label points me here for information. I like it, but don't remember how much it cost because this is such a large container it's been a while since I bought it.
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Lateral answer: sometimes if you don't feel like eating a meat meal, it's ok to skip a meal as well.

A lot of meat heavy people do intermittent fasting for the benefits anyway. Don't stuff yourself with meat 3x a day, it could make problems.
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The absolute best is biotest low-carb metabolic drive. 4g carb, 1 being sugar and another gram being dietary fiber

I've used a low carb from muscle milk too but I don't know if they still make it.
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I don't agree that it's ok to skip a meal and Atkins doesn't teach that it's ok either.

Maybe you should look at New Atkins, ackptui. I've been doing New Atkins for a few weeks with great success. It's not as much about meat as it is about getting lots of veggies in every day.
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I use Precision's Iso-Pro Low Carb, it has 1g of carb per scoop, with 35g of protein and has sucralose for artificial sweetening. The strawberry flavour is surprisingly tasty as a bonus, I can't speak for any of the others.
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