What is the name of this Romance language polymory film?
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Foreign Movie Filter: I need help remembering the name of a movie I saw at the Verzaubert festival in Berlin in November 2006. I know that it involved a wedding where the Bride did not show up and it ended with 5 people living in a polymorous relationship. Massive details below the fold.

In November 2006, I went to a screening at the Kino International in Berlin during the Verzaubert festival. I know the film was in a romance language, but I do not know if it was Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, or anything else.

The movie I saw involved a Bride not showing up at the altar. The Bride left the wedding with the Best Man's wife. The ex-groom and his Best Man decide to move in together in order to move on from the shock of all the breakups. I then think, that the men go take Dance lessons to meet new women. They try hit on and fight over a woman at the Dance Studio. Ultimately the woman at the dance studio helps the men ignite their passion for each other and they wake up together one morning weirded out, but okay with it. Then the ex-Bride and the Best Man's ex-wife come back to their men saying they miss them and that they want to be together, but with everyone. I remember that the last scene involves 4-5 people laying together happily in bed together in one polyamorous relationship.

One scene that always stays in my mind is when the Best Man goes to his old apartment, where the two women are living unbeknownst to the men. They are in a bubble bath in room with giant glass windows. When the man walks in, one woman forces the other to hold her breath under water to keep up her single appearances. Eventually she does burst out of the tub to breath and I think that the man finds out that they are lovers.

I have been hunting for the title of this movie for many years and have not been able to find anything. Any Hive Mind help getting the name of this film and a location where I could possible purchase it would be excellent.

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OK, ok - would the festival's website have names of movies from that year? Seems like it would cut down the size of the haystack...
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The Wayback Machine has a list of the movies shown in 2006, choose "FILME A-Z" or "KURZFILME A-Z" on the left.
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From willem's link, that sounds like The 2 sides of the bed.
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(It's from Spain)
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Response by poster: The 2 Sides of the Bed it is. Thank you dearest Hive Mind for the help. It is greatly appreciated.
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