Where can I find zeppole tomorrow in the Bay Area?
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Where can I find zeppole tomorrow in Oakland/San Francisco/Berkeley? (I don't have a car.)

Tomorrow is St. Joseph's Day. In honor of this, I would like to eat the traditional food of my people1 on that day, the zeppole. But I don't know any Italian bakeries around where I live now!

I'm starting in North Oakland near a BART station. I don't have a car. I do have time to kill; in particular I'm willing to go to San Francisco for this if I have to.

For some reason I'm thinking there are multiple foods that go by this name. The picture in the Wikipedia article is a picture of what I want.

1. "My people" are Italian-Americans from South Philly, if you must know.
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I'd call Genova Delicatessen in Temescal. Molinari's in North Beach also might have them.
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Best answer: There's an "Italian-American" bakery (Dianda's) in the Mission near BART. Alas, I can't vouch for the quality or authenticity of their baked goods.
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(A yelp search for "zeppole" gives lots of other results as well, though.)
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I remember seeing them once or twice at Caffe Trieste on San Pablo in Berkeley. It may be worth a call.
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A search for Italian bakeries turned up this place in Berkeley: PiQ. You could give them a call. It's about half a block from Downtown Berkeley BART. (and zeppole look really really yummy! I might have to try to find one myself!)
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Dopo on Piedmont seems to have Zeppole.
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Best answer: Just wanted to let you know PiQ in Berkeley definitely has zeppole. I stopped in for lunch (pizza is great) and they had a sign up for St. Joseph's day and a tray of zeppole. They were delicious! Thanks for this question; I never would have known about this place.
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Response by poster: Ended up going to Dianda's (I had other reasons to go to SF today, and they're right near BART.) I was kind of disappointed -- what they had wasn't exactly what I expected -- but to be honest to get exactly what I expect I probably have to go back to Philadelphia. Thanks for the recommendation, cowbell (can I call you that?). PiQ seems worth a look -- I've actually walked past them before and thought this, I think -- and I might give them a shot tomorrow if I actually leave the house. (But we have this rain.)
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They weren't what you wanted, but were they decent? I find a lot of bakery stuff has this "cheap" taste that seems to be from low-quality shortening (not butter) and not enough egg, especially with some of the the Asian bakeries in the Mission.

And yes, you can call me cowbell!
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Response by poster: They were decent. Apparently zeppole come in two forms -- the ones that I grew up with (see Wikipedia picture) and the kind that are basically cream puffs. Dianda's had the latter kind. I had been warned of this by my parents at some point, but forgot until I got there -- in the rain, without an umbrella -- and at that point I wasn't going to go searching. But they seemed to generally get things right, and I may stop there again next time I'm in the Mission. (Which is, um, probably tomorrow.)

Here's an article about Dianda's; they were started by Italians decades ago and in the recent past were bought by longtime employees with Spanish-sounding names.
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