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Excel 2011: How do I create custom styles for Conditional Formatting?

I am working on an excel spreadsheet which uses conditional styles for about 30 different cells. How do I create custom styles that show up in the style selection drop down when defining a "Classic" custom style using a formula?

(e.g. Blue when the cell is 0, yellow when the cell is 1, green when the cell is 2, etc.)

I'm running Excel 2011 on Mac.
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I use Win Excel, so the menu may be a bit different. Basically you first highlight the cells that you want to affect. Then go to the Home Tab, click Conditional Formatting and choose MANAGE RULES. In the new window, you can multiple rules to get the color to show when a certain value is entered. You can have multiple rules for one cell or cell range.

That is about the easiest way I know how to do it.
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I know how to apply conditional formatting. But, when you go to apply formatting, you cannot create a custom "default" style. That is, define a style that you can select from the "Format With" drop down.
This image shows the conditional formatting window I am using. See how, in the lower right corner, there is a blue box with black text? I want to be able to define that as a style (with a name like, "Blue box, black text") and select it from the drop down in the lower left.

Right now, I have to select "Custom Format..." and then select the font color/background.
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