Where to buy crafting supplies in Toronto, specificallly embroidery?
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Where to get embroidery supplies in downtown Toronto?

I've taken up embroidery -- not just cross-stitch, but all the other stitches too, so i'm looking for more than just cross-stitch kits. Downtown has a great fabric and notions district along Queen at Spadina, but I'm not sure where to go to get embroidery floss and supplies. I'd like some nice hoops and frames, fancy floss, needles, aida cloth and osnaburg. Also, some nice transfer pens and printable iron-ons. It seems like Michaels and such dedicated crafting stores are located way out in the 'burbs, and I don't have a car. Also -- where can I get plain white tea towels and napkins for embroidering, or should I sew them myself?

Where can I go to find these things? The closer to downtown, the better!
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extra points for Tri-Chem fabric paints!
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Romini Wool on Queen, and Mary Maxim at the mall in Yonge/Eg.
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It's not downtown, but Mary Maxim at the Yonge Eglinton Centre has a fairly good selection of embroidery supplies — maybe they won't have all the extras, but they have floss in many shades and the basics like hoops, needles and aida cloth.
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If I want anything Mary Maxim doesn't have, I order it online.
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The Purple Purl in Leslieville might be able to help you.
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I checked the website of my local knitting place (Knit-o-matic) and they recommend One Stitch At A Time, (416) 481-3899, 50 Lower Village Gate, Toronto. The address is a short walk west of Forest Hill Village.
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Fabricland at Yonge and Bloor has a lot of floss and many of the notions you mentioned. I also noticed that the Workroom has some lovely cotton floss (not the skeins you separate, a la DMC, but more like floche or coton a broder).
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not the skeins you separate, a la DMC

...which is not to say DMC only makes stranded floss, of course! Hasty thoughts, hasty fingers....
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I don't use the website -- I'm close enough to the Paris headquarters that I can take a drive out and pick up what I need -- but you can shop the Mary Maxim website if the Toronto store doesn't have what you need.
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All the previous suggestions are really great, but in case you aren't aware (I was surprised when I found out) a Michael's just opened up at Wilson station. Really easy to get to. That said, support your independent retailer if you can!
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OH MY. I wandered all down Queen street going in every fabric/bead/knitting/art supply store to no avail. DMC floss can only be gotten at Michael's, apparently (though i seem to remember finding it somewhere downtown last year. but where!).
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