I just wanna park my motorsickle.
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Bay Area Long-Timers: I'm looking for information about the history of dedicated motorcycle-only parking in San Francisco. Help!

So it's with great envy that this NYC-based motorcycle owner looks upon all the dedicated motorcycle/scooter parking that exists in San Francisco. Needless to say, it would be wonderful to get it here. So far, it has been a long, difficult slog.

It occurred to me this morning that at some point in the past, someone decided that it would be a good thing(tm) to create such a thing in SF. There must have been some argument over it, simply because parking is always a zero-sum game, and inflates passions where ever one goes. I haven't been able to find any data on it, however.

Can the Hive Mind help? Links, anecdotes, any history (no matter how rough), what worked, what didn't - all of it would help.

Thank you!
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Hmm, life-long resident but no idea. However, maybe try emailing Eric Fischer? I'm pretty sure he knows everything about the history of Bay Area urban planning. And very nice and friendly from what I can tell.
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Also worth asking Chris Carlsson.
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also try SPUR
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Motorcycle advocacy groups, specifically the Montgomery Street Motorcycle Club who have been working for more motorcycle parking in the City since the 70's. I think there were also coordinated pushes when carpool lanes were introduced to have motorcycles be able to use them, and then of course you need parking with that. It helps that California as a state has worked for decades to reduce pollution, and motorcycle riders have a great in as greener transportation. People are just more politically accustomed to arguments for alternatives to single-occupancy cars.
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