My googles are failing me
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Is there a quick and easy SAAS program I can use that replicates the functionality of MS Excel pivottables but on the web?

I have a very big excel database that is used internally to store historical data (I know, not the best way to do it, but it works.) Essentially I'd like to dump all of the data into an online service and have the data queryable via a web interface (so that we can set access level to a few canned reports and so that people can't expose the raw data.) Does something like this exist? I imagine it does, but can't find it with my googles.
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Hmmm, you could do most of this with Google Docs I'm guessing, but I don't know about the access control part.
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I don't think Google Docs does pivot tables.

What about Microsoft's online functionality? I don't know if it offers pivot tables.
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Response by poster: Sorry, one point of clarification. The goals of transitioning from pivot tables to a web interface are twofold:

1 - greater control over access from the admin perspective (don't want certain parties viewing certain data.)
2 - greater ease of use from the user perspective as not all users are comfortable/familiar with pivot tables.

My ideal query interface is something like this (just something i came across in google image search) where you select available fields and metrics and just run a query (maybe creating a chart at the same time or something.) As I type this I'm realizing that this may be more complicated that I'm making it seem, but it'd be great if anyone can point me in a direction beyond 'talk your friendly neighborhood web developer/database admin'.
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Best answer: Google Fusion Tables
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Another option is Tableau Server ( Not a database in itself, but can be used as a graphical/reporting frontend to one (e.g. free edition of SQL Server).
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Response by poster: Google Fusion Tables are great! I don't know why I haven't heard of them before. The functionality there is like 80% of what I need. If there was just a bit more flexibility there in terms of calculated metrics, lookups, etc... it'd be perfect. If anyone has any more ideas that'd be super-terrific.
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